All Types of Pruning

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We can provide a variety of pruning services. Our team can determine what type of pruning is necessary to maintain or improve the health, appearance and safety of your trees. Types of pruning are:-

  • Young tree pruning
  • Crown reduction,
  • Crown cleaning,
  • Crown thinning,
  • Crown lifting,
  • Deadwood removal
  • Pollarding



When to Prune

Routine pruning such as removing dead, diseased, weak branches can done all year round with little effect on the trees health. Growth is maximised and wound closure fastest if pruning is done before the spring growth flush. Heavy pruning just after the spring growth flush should be avoided and undertaken when the tree is dormant, ideally between Autumn and Spring.

Making Proper Pruning Cuts

Basic tree biology needs to be understood before making any pruning cut. If pruning cuts are made incorrectly it may seriously damage the health of the tree for ever. The branch bark collar and the branch bark ridge needs to be identified prior to a pruning cut. The cut should be made just beyond both these points. If a large limb is to be removed, then it is done in sections to prevent ripping of the bark and cambium layer along the trunk.

How Much Should Be Pruned?

All pruning damages the health of the tree. The tree has to move vital energy from its reserves to help wound over all pruning cuts. This energy may needed to help fight off pests and diseases. However a younge tree has a more energy than a mature tree and more likely to tolerate the removal of a higher percentage of living tissue. No more than 25% of a tree’s leaf bearing crown should be removed. Any more than this and it will have a serious effect on the trees health. However mature trees should require little pruning and should only be kept to deadwood removal.

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Pruning Techniques

Crown Reduction

Reduces both the height and the spread of a tree while accounting for the tree’s natural form and shape.

Small Trees



Large Trees



Crown Thinning

Selective removal of branches throughout the crown which increases light penetration through crown, reduces weight of limbs, reduces weight of limbs, reduces the wind – sail effect of the crown.



Crown Lifting

Removal of the lowest branches of the canopy.


Branches are pruned back to same point every one to three years to maintain a small crown. Should not be confused with the malpractice of topping and lopping

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